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About AARM

Thanks for your interest in joining Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM), now 10 years strong. The following should help you decide whether our guild is a good fit for you to join.

Recruitment is currently: OPEN. Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM)
AARM is a Multi-Server guild on the Tarnished Coast (WvW) server in Guild Wars 2 with over 2000+ members. We have a very active and friendly roster of members. We have a 3000 Member Voice Server (TeamSpeak and MUMBLE) and have over 300 AARM Members online at peak hours, and over 100 on our TeamSpeak Channel during some of those times. If you join AARM, you are joining one of the largest most established guilds in Guild Wars 2. We have enough members that there are always plenty of people online to chat with, or ask for advice if you need it. Our members try to be as helpful as possible to others in regards to advice. We are beginner friendly and also provide advanced strategies and tactics for seasoned players. Plus our website has an abundance of informational resources whether your game passion is WvW, PvE, PvP, Fractals, Roaming, Raiding, Crafting, etc. We have weekly competitions and give-a-ways along with a full monthly calendar with daily events and raids. We do our best to encourage a friendly guild with a laid-back atmosphere and members of all nationalities. Requirements
Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) is five guilds! We are NO LONGER 100 Percent Represent and haven't been since 4th quarter 2014. You can Represent your other guilds and also be part of the AARM family no matter which of the five guilds of AARM you join. We have TeamSpeak which is our link between the guilds so you have access to all 5 guilds best through TeamSpeak. You don't have to talk on TS if you don't wish, you can chat and TS is not even required but helps tremendously when setting up groups with members from the other AARM guilds. We have people from most time zones from PST to European time zones in our AARM forces. Although we do not have any age requirements for joining, we do expect our players to act sensibly and abide by our code of conduct to make a fun atmosphere for all. Communication
It is essential that you are able to use TS3 if you wish to raid/zerg and communicate for world bosses such as Tequatl and Great Wurm. You do not have to talk all night but it is important that we have great communication within our teams to focus on our objectives. We also use TS just to chat and have fun - after all it's a game and we all want to have fun. Interested in joining our guild? Please fill out an application HERE and one of our guild officers will be happy to review it.
WvW Scoreboard
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Dec 15, 2015
CHRISTMAS RAFFLE is Upon Us! 50/50. Half of the funds go to the guild for future events, such as this year's 500 GOLD PVP Team PvP Tournament where 33 players each were winners and walked away with 15 gold or last summer's 750 GOLD Speed Run tournament in COF where 1st place team got 250 Gold, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100 and 5th 50 and the other half, plus many items and perhaps a few video games from our Steam Group go to you, the members of the Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds. Shoot, we even did a 1000 gold Fashion Contest this year. To Participate, please place 1 to 5 gold in the top section "OFFICER STASH" of the guild bank and we will keep record of your contribution here on the guild website and on the 9th of January we will TWITCH Stream Live the Drawing-- if your number is drawn, you win!

Go here to see your Raffle Numbers
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